We are a Software Engineering Consultancy that specializes in cloud architected business software and Information Systems. We design, build and support custom software solutions, provide software engineering consulting services, and manage cloud information systems. We are experts in Ruby on Rails web development, and have been specializing on that framework since 2006.

Software Engineering Consulting

Our software engineering services range from custom IoT business solutions to complete Software as a service (SaaS) cloud solutions for enterprise, small business and start-ups. We specialize in cloud architected business software solutions and offer services from complete design, development and system support, to assisting your development staff get software projects back on track. We have experience rewriting legacy applications, engineering modern cloud architecture, building realtime data delivery and IoT messaging solutions, and we follow web standards and software development best practices.

Managed Information Systems

Our Managed Information System offerings are Cloud based software solutions that we configure, host and support on your behalf. These solutions generally don’t require additional IT infrastructure or hardware on your part. We host these systems in Public or Private Cloud depending upon your application requirements. These solutions can be accessed by you and your staff via standard computer web browsers, tablets and smart phones. Whenever possible we use and support open source software and provide a layer of service, support and hosting reliability you can count on. We offer turnkey cloud architected business solutions ranging from Project Management and Time Tracking to Content Management Systems (CMS) and much more.

Custom Application Development

From startups, to large enterprise organizations, to small family run businesses, we have helped companies reach their business goals and ambitions with custom built software solutions. We design, build, and support software that has stood the test of time and helped companies be more successful for years. We take a pragmatic approach to software engineering and design systems to simplify business and technical complexities and provide value to you for many years.

Our Custom Software solutions can help your business:
  • be more efficient with process automation
  • engage employees with custom collaboration systems
  • be more competitive with data analytics
  • reduce wasted time and promote accountability
  • be more secure with industry best practices
We have experience building:
  • business automation systems
  • productivity systems
  • accountability systems
  • employee collaboration and engagement
  • custom workflow automation
  • time and attendance
  • travel and expense systems


Scopestar is a Software Engineering Consultancy located in NY's Capital Region, and is led by Scott Stewart. We have been helping other Tech Valley businesses be more successful since 2006.

Scott stewart 10 2009

About Scott

Scott began working in computer operations in the early 90's and has been specializing in web-based business software since 2001. Before forming Scope Star Software in 2006, Scott was Manager of Information Systems for a large manufacturing and sales organization in upstate NY. He was CTO at a social network startup, managed a data center, and has led many successful software development projects and teams.

What are people saying about us?

If you like:
  • buggy, inflexible code,
  • "it's your code and you're using it wrong - mine's fine"
  • waiting forever to get patches
  • a cranky developer that doesn't listen
then don't call Scott.

(His work kicks ass.) William Cornett President at Bespoke Software, Albany NY