Managed Information Systems

Business software has evolved.

Cloud solutions and Software as a Service (SaaS) exist for most of your everyday business needs. Small business may no longer need a complete IT department or office full of servers just to run business systems. Even large enterprise organizations are moving to Cloud systems and services for many of their Information Systems. Unfortunately, charting a course that is right for your business through all these services and cloud solutions can be overwhelming.

Your business processes are unique.

Regardless of all the cloud solutions and services available, some of your business processes will deserve custom designed solutions and integration. A solution that can automate your unique processes, integrate with your other systems, and help you be more efficient, productive, and even energize and engage your employees or customers.

Current solutions are overwhelming.

You practically need a computer science degree just to coordinate and integrate all the Cloud and SaaS solutions that are supposed to make your life easier. From “2 Factor Authentication” to Big Data, to SaaS API’s, how is a non technical business suppose to keep up with all that?

You also have no single point of contact when systems stop working and often you can’t even talk to a person when you’re having a problem with one of these Cloud services.

You need a partner to help navigate your course.

A partner that can lend a helping hand, and one that can build a custom software solution when you need it. A partner that can integrate your custom solution with all the other services you already use. A partner that has your back when stuff doesn’t work.

This is where Scopestar Managed Information Systems can help.

We've managed software solutions since the days when having your own data center or complete IT staff was the norm. We have successfully navigated the path to complete cloud solutions ourselves. We’ve experienced the pains and have learned best practices. We stay current with technology and trends so you don’t have to. We are here to help. We want to be your trusted partner in today’s otherwise “go it alone” Cloud world.

We want to be your partner.

We value knowing our clients and providing the highest level of service and satisfaction possible. If we can’t occasionally stop in to say hello and see your business first hand, how can we possibly help your business be more efficient and productive or offer software solutions that best fit you?

For this reason, we only take on clients for our Managed Information Systems that are located in the Upsate NY market area.

In order to be your Manged Information Systems partner and provide our recognized level of service, we need to know who you are and want you to know who we are. When you need to talk about software systems, troubleshooting, or future productivity solutions, you’ll know who you are talking to.

This is first class, affordable, software systems concierge service we are talking about here. Not an anonymous “let’s chat” pop-up help window.

Welcome to the personalized future of Managed Information Systems and Cloud Software.